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I see, you found my wonderous bazaar. You will not be disappointed, that’s for sure! I recommend taking your time exploring. Have fun!

Art is more than just filling a canvas. You’re maybe telling a whole life story in one picture. You’re making something that was once in your head REAL.

Commission Art

I'm not only selling my own prints. I'm also selling commissioned art, matching your wants and needs.

Satisfied Customers

This shop is customer approved! I never ever had an unhappy customer in my entire life. (Wish me luck.)

Personal Support

Don't you hate writing a support that has no idea what they are doing? There is a sollution.


Most of the time I do nothing at all, except for breathing.

Developing a mindset is important, but difficult to explain. I’m not painting to make money. I want to create and other people to feel. I want the viewer to explore and to see. Every piece is unique and full of emotion.


Check this video to find out more about my work.

My art requires a dim evening, cocoa, a cozy hoodie and most importantly… music; it shouldn’t be too loud, it shouldn’t be too quiet or else, my head will start a riot!