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Art is not only a hobby. With art you create

- you anchor it in the present


Wendigo Pinup

This piece is a combination of art and design. The background elevates the details of her body. The reduced colors of this print fit every room and space. It can perfectly blend with the rest, or be an eyecatcher. You decide!



If you were looking for a real eyecatcher, this pretty lady may be exactly what you need. Those warm tones might be the right choice to spice up a big room, having it look even bigger.


The Magician

Maybe you want something small. A postcard could be the right thing, if you like them as much as I do. The idea was a small tarot series featuring the magician, the fool and death.



This wallpaper adds something neutral and soothing to your desktop. It wont distract you and adds some minimalistic style to your modern aesthetic