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Cassidy-Jane Miethke

I’m a small (5’1”) artist from Germany. With my 20 years I’m pretty young to start a business, trying to make a living with doing what I love most, but I think: life is about passion. It’s about loving untill you forget time, rather then counting the days.

I was born in a small 2’000 people village, having a loving mother that supported me in every decision, although I left my family legacy behind, being the black sheep. I wanted my own fate.

With 16 years I left home and visited the Wirtschaftsakanemie Nord. Now, in 2020, I’m a graphicdesigner and artist all thanks to my loving mother. She helped me finding and living my dream.

There where many stones, blocking my way. I was diagnosed with rheumatic arthritis and a heart condition, afraid that I might never turn 18. I had people insult me for being a dreamer and for being a business woman, but I’m still here. I overcame my heart condition (that’s kind of a wonder) and I’m still wanting to fight!